But you knew that already so let's get into where I came from and what drives my soul.

My passion for photography started as a young girl while growing up in the show ring with Quarter Horses doing rodeos, western pleasure, and hunter under saddle in Oklahoma. I used to dream of photographing the "big-wig" horses and designing their advertisements you see in the programs at the World Show. I never tried to pursue that dream until recently.

In the spring of 2013, my husband was stationed in Washington, after us spending four years in Georgia at his first duty station. In the winter of 2014 I graduated from Columbia College with a B.A. in Psychology. I wanted to become a counselor to help active duty members and veterans from the hardships they experienced during combat. 

After graduating college, I accepted a Front Desk position with a commercial construction company in Tacoma, Washington. I needed to work to afford my horse and tuition while I prepared to find a Master's Program to further my education. 

After a year working the front desk, I grew an interest in becoming a Project Manager for commercial construction. I decided to change my direction of education and began pursing a M.A. in Project Management. I was then promoted to Project Engineer  and I enjoyed that career but something was in the back of my mind that this wasn't where I needed to be. For four years I slowly became more and more unlike myself pushing for a career that didn't sit with my free spirit. 

It was in the spring of 2018 when I decided to set myself free from the 9-5 mindset and began pursuing my passion for photography and horses, just like the little girl at the beginning of this story.

hello. I'm CORTNEY.


Okay hear me out. When I was showing, I can hardly come up with any memories in the actual show ring. There are a few moments that I will definitely remember, but not very many come to mind. Most of my memories with my horse are at the barn or on a trail ride. This is also where we gained our trust and connection for one another. Capturing the inseparable bond that you and your horse have is my mantra.


Your heart is free
Have the courage to follow it

Lets wander together